It’s almost time to board the plane.  

Our morning was quite sweet. We attended ENSW and it felt like it always does. I had a chance to greet the church and share for a few moments about why we come to South Africa. Let it never be said of us, IFC, that when Jesus looks for workers there are few! Let’s put our hands up and be willing to GO...trusting God for the timing. Amen and amen. 


Jack got to attend EN Kids this morning! He said it was a blast! (Even though it was 94 degrees?!) 


After a Nando’s lunch, we spent some time this afternoon gathering our things together and readying our house to depart. The beach across the street from us was SLAMMED with folks enjoying the day...and the traffic was AWFUL...


We are now at the airport waiting to check in...Believing God has positioned us to be shiny even on these eternal flights. ☺️ Would you pray us home? 


We have had a life changing experience. Yet, we have missed home like crazy! As I said today and the team agrees, “I know who I am and I know where I belong!”

Its time to come home. 💚🇿🇦