Well, hey fam! 

Today was a day in Cape Town as mentioned in the blog yesterday. After a drive through traffic, on the opposite side of the road, with a lot of lane changes, funky stop lights and people walking everywhere, WE ARRIVED downtown. After parking in the tightest parking deck ever, we walked to the Green Market and the souvenir shopping (for you all!!) began!  

“Riding along in my automobile!”

“Riding along in my automobile!”

Bartering and “‘wheelin’ and dealin’” ensued! Some of us are better at it than others. (I am AWFUL at it, in case you’re wondering. Everybody gets almost full payment from me! Grrr.) This team is so ‘others centered’ and spent thoughtful time picking things out for their loved ones and supporters. 

After the market, we walked a bit and found ourselves at The Waterfront for lunch. We even ran into a couple of the pastors from ENSW! That was a surprise treat. We stopped for some fun photo opps:


What a fun team!

What a fun team!


After being ‘hand to the plow’ all week, it can be difficult to go in to the city to sight see and shop for things. After being in the midst of poverty and lack, it can be difficult to see the excess. But we know one thing is for sure...any soul, whether rich or poor, is dead without Christ. Every soul needs to hear the good news of the gospel. Every soul is valuable to God. This team has ministered this well!

Our day ended with a meal hosted at a Thembalitsha Board members home. We felt so at peace as we rested well together. Pierre and Helena Smith, ENSW pastors and some other friends of the ministry joined us! Take a look at these photos!

Jack was dying to jump on this float…so he did.  And it was hilarious.

Jack was dying to jump on this float…so he did. And it was hilarious.

We talked about “trip take aways” tonight in our team meeting. I can’t wait for you to read each persons insight (it’s below)! For me, I honestly can’t say enough good things about this group of our people. They have served, sweat, worked hard, played hard, prayed for others, considered themselves less than others, and all around LOOKED LIKE JESUS. They have made this leader’s job a joy! I absolutely adore being in SA (it’s my second home) and loving on all the people here, whether in manual labor or face to face encouragement. BUT, my take away from this trip has been how very much I have loved this team. I have loved every minute of being with them and watching them shine. Watch out, you IFC peeps, these folks may have come timid or afraid but they are coming back BOLD AS LIONS! God has transformed us, sanctified us, and taught us. What an honor to have been here for “such a time as this”. My heart is full.



P.S. I will update as we begin traveling home tomorrow. We leave Cape Town at 6pm your time. Layover in Paris and on to ATL!!


Trip take away at this moment: 

  • Sarah- how important it is to be encouragers, listeners and prayers — not just doers.  

  • Amber- be grateful for where I do serve. I have it so easy at home and it’s not ok to become easily frustrated.  

  • Anjelica- you cant really know what it’s like to love a brother or sister across the earth until you’ve gone. You can’t just look at pictures. You have to GO to see the hope that’s here.  

  • Carla- don’t be so busy that I can’t take time to look up and really see people.  

  • Patti- I’ve been reminded this year how much it means to people here that we come back. I’m blessed to have come so many times.  

  • Don- the power of words. The power of encouragement. Literally speaking life into others. People want to be heard and know they aren’t forgotten. It is powerful to join our prayers with those that are crying out to God.

  • Meredith- I’ve seen SA from a distance for many years but to get to come and have my heart knit here is special. Being here puts faces to ministries. All of this renewed in me the passion to do something in Augusta.  

  • Jack- I’m reminded how important community is and how much we need each other. i.e. even this team, we all have different gifts and strengths/jobs for the trip and thats what makes it family.  

  • Kyle- In our every day to day lives, hospitality and serving others is so important. Encouraging others is so important. Being attentive and seeing people is important. 

  • Aaron- Power in prayer this week was special. I haven’t ever felt and seen fruit like this.