I can’t even put in to words how incredible today has been. We spent the morning in Grabouw accompanying the Angels (previously mentioned in a blog post) into the community as they served their patient census.  We are overwhelmed and inspired, challenged and encouraged. I figure that hearing from each person about their township experience is better than hearing from only my words ☺️. So here ya go: 


Sarah: The angels and everyone at thembacare are so joyful despite the hard, impossible situations surrounding them. They have a trust in God like none other. And the people in the townships are just normal people, doing everyday normal things - washing laundry, feeding babies, laughing, kids playing, kids helping with chores, kids wanting to play with their parent’s phone - it was so different than anything I’d ever experienced but important to see how other people live.

Aaron: The angels are a real blessing to Grabouw.  They are very caring and check on their patients rain or shine!  It was great to pray for those we visited and to see the Angels joyfully interacting with the patients and the patients' friends and family, whom they also examined if needed; it was an inspiring example of real community and others-service.

Patti: Being at Thembacare with the angels is always a highlight of the trip for me. They have become very precious to me and I loved being with them again.  I got a little emotional as they were singing because of the times I’ve shared this experience with them in the past.  I was very blessed to be able to share with them today and let them know how precious they are to our Heavenly Father.  It was a great day! 😊

Meredith: I loved walking with the angels today. As soon as Beauty asked me to jump in to help with blood pressures and blood sugars, I felt totally at home. The voices of the Angels singing made me feel like I was in heaven. It was a beautiful sound. ❤

Kyle: I was amazed at what the angels do on a daily basis in a area that is devastated with disease. They are a blessing to there community and have left a impression on my hart that I will never be forgotten.

Amber: I was overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord as I walked with the angels today. They are truly the hands and feet of Jesus every single day. They are a genuine blessing to their patients and to me! I loved today!!

Don: The ladies at Thembacare have truly earned the name angels. They go into difficult situations with meds and the love of Christ, no one is there cheering them on when the day is rough, but they continue to go trenches of people's   hardship. After a time of teaching, singing, prayers, and gift giving  Thembacare's manager, Taindi, gave the team the blessing that Aaron used to bless the children of Israel. It was a very humbling experience receiving this blessing from one who sacrifices her life daily.

Carla: The Angels that we walked with today looked like Jesus to me. I was so inspired to see them work with their patients with such kindness and care. I loved that they took their time with their patients, asking about their health, families and their lives. Day in and day out they go into to the dark to bring hope. It was such a blessing to be with them today.

Anjelica: The Angels we walked with had so much patience and showed genuine care for the people they went to check on. This is their normal and it is inspiring me to be filled with more grace and mercy towards others. And to not grow weary in the places God calls me.

Jack: I loved seeing how God is sending hope to the seemingly hopeless.  It was such a joy to see people receiving the care and attention they so desperately need.


I can hardly contain my emotion when I’m with the Angels. Their dedication to the call God has on their life challenges me. I long to be so obedient without delay!  They also lead us in worship this afternoon at the TCG service. Heaven came down!! (BTW, Patti did an INCREDIBLE job teaching today.  Thanks for praying!) 

If our time in the townships wasn’t enough, we had a fabulous time at EN Zola this evening. Pastor Linda and his wife were so grateful for our ministry. Myself, Jack, Meredith, Aaron, Carla, Kyle, Anjelica and Don shared. And the entire team ministered in prayer and prophecy before we left. It was a life changing experience for all of us.  I truly believe a few of us that came to SA timid will return to the USA as BOLD AS LIONS!  My goodness! We haven’t even processed all God has done today. He is so good.  

Thank you for all of your comments and encouragement. You are dear to us.  

Until tomorrow... 


(Thursday holds: serving at MamaThemba and Themba Training!)


Funny quotes:  

Karla : “Why am I so hungry?  Anjelica: “Because at home it’s ‘eat o’clock’!” 🤣🤣🤣

Karla to Anjelica: "You know I could bite the skin of your elbow and you wouldn't know."

The photos today aren’t in order, necessarily.  Getting them posted to the blog was more importantt that their organization today.  The internet speed here is TURTLE SPEED...