Greetings folks!

Sunday funday! And fun it has been!  (Check out what we have been doing today through the following photos and words…)

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Trying to figure out where to go! GPS apps are God’s gift to humankind :)

Trying to figure out where to go! GPS apps are God’s gift to humankind :)

We spent time seeing another part of this special nation as we get a sense for the culture and spiritual atmosphere here. We drove to Stellenbosch to spend the morning in this college town. We enjoyed one another’s company and built even deeper relationally as a team. God is doing a special knitting with this group and it’s a joy to be a part.

Because of some unforseen circumstances, we had to move out of the Village of Hope today. We have been relocated to a guest house in Strand (other side of the mountain from Grabouw, adjacent to Somerset West) and have re-settled in! We believe God has His eye and hand on us and we are trusting Him for divine appointments in this location. (We are also grateful for our team cook, Meredith, who is doing amazing and serving with such joy!)



Happy to be here.

Justin teaching powerfully!

Justin teaching powerfully!

One of the highlights of our day was attending church this evening with our Every Nation Somerset West family.  What an overwhelming and inspiring experience to sing praises to our God across the ocean.  (We sure did miss IFC today and spoke of you all day long…wondering how things were going.  We heard wonderful things about God being glorified, the worship being fantastic and Pastor Adrian ministering in power!)  One of the cool things at church was the guest speaker — Justin Gray, Director of Every Nation Music, from Nashville!!  He ministered a timely word about True Worship.  He made one very important point that spoke to us specifically as a team on this journey, and I paraphrase - “…that when we worship in truth we not only have right relationship with God, but also one another”.  Our worship changes us and changes things around us!   

Every evening we end the day with a team meeting going over our “Joy, Junk and Jesus” for the day...sharing what was awesome, tough and inspiring from our day. Tonight you will get to hear from our guys (tomorrow from the ladies ☺️) :

Aaron: My Jesus moment today was walking around with the guys and sharing deeply with them.  

Kyle: My joy was walking around with the guys today and sharing “male camaraderie”. Also the Lord using a brother from Nashville to be used by The Holy Spirit to teach me something about myself. 

Don: My joy was hanging out with the guys! My Jesus moment was watching Meredith cook for the team! She obviously enjoys serving that way and it’s a joy to watch someone serve with JOY! 

Jack: My joy was the car ride, walking around Stellenbosch, and eating together. My Jesus moment today was going to church and being able to relax, be in the presence of the Lord and receive from Him. 


We sure do love you all!  Until tomorrow… (serving at The Village of Hope and ministering at our EN Church in Zola is what Monday holds for us!!  Pray for Carla, Meredith, Jack, Aaron and Kyle as they prepare to speak their stories tomorrow evening at this service.  We will also pray for and encourage the church members as a team. )



Here are some extra photos from our day!  (I also plan to drop extra photos into a blog later on in the week that may not have made it to a post.  We know y’all love to look at your loved ones!)

One of our Thembalitsha connections praying for us after church.

One of our Thembalitsha connections praying for us after church.

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