After a long 24 hours of travel, we made it to Cape Town! 19+ hours on a plane is quite the test of endurance! ☺️

We have retrieved our bags (minus 1 - pray for it’s arrival!), rented cars (that was a lengthy ordeal in itself) and have settled in to The Village of Hope for the week. We are expectant! 

More than anything, we are honored to have the chance to just BE with people this week and encourage them with the love of God. Projects and tasks will get accomplished but the real work of relationship and loving others is our top priority. As we have been learning at IFC recently, we desire to be the hands and feet of bring peace where there it’s walk the walk Jesus has called us to as His children. This week is gonna be good! 

We will be in touch!  

To God be the glory!  





More photos to come tomorrow!!