Today was the last day we will get to treat patients on this trip to Haiti! It seems like the week has flown by. We are so thankful to have been able to serve an extra day. Typically, teams arrive on Saturday, go to church on Sunday and then serve two days on one day off until they depart. We will get to serve a total of SIX days out of the seven we are here. This team is so thankful for new housing compared to last year so we are able to be fully rested and recovered every night. We give MOH, Haiti so much thanks for being so flexible and allowing us the opportunity to serve more. Tomorrow we will actually be going back into the village of Williamson to plant trees and spend some time with the people to see how they really live. This place is amazing. It's beautiful, yet cluttered with trash. Its rich, yet filled with poverty. It's full of people who are struggling yet there is JOY! 

Since we arrived in Haiti, we have treated 735 patients, had 59 dental patients, and 27 people accepted Jesus as their savior. On average we started around 10 am and treated patients until 2:30pm. Talk about efficiency! Set up and breakdown are a big part of the mission as well. We get up around 5:30-6 am and get back around 4:30 or so. It's essentially like we work a normal work day, but in Haiti and it's super hot...and humid. We have time to spend with friends talking about the day and worship together as well as encourage each other. If you're reading this blog, I hope there is something inside of you that wants to give back to this place! Come to Haiti next year, send a few dollars, commit to sponsoring an orphan, or mail the home office some of your old clothes. If there is anything inside of you saying GO, then I urge you to act. This place will change you and the people need you, and God may be telling you!

Today was a pretty calm day. The patients were a little healthier than our last group but the children are still so fragile. The babies hair turns a burnt orange color as they become malnourished. Most of these children had black hair growth coming in behind the orange. This is just a sign they are finally getting enough nutrients. The best part about treating these people is getting them to smile. It doesn't take much. They seem to look forward to this day. Some people are in desperate need of clinic day so they can be treated and saved. The simplest illness gone untreated can be deadly. Many of the patients had such illnesses. Of course, the children are so tough too. One thing is for sure, we are so blessed to have so many options available. If our child is sick, we can go to the store and get five different fever medications and electrolytes no problem. These people have nothing like that. They can't just make a doctors appointment and most of them can't phone their closest friend who is in the medical field for advice. They don't have phones and most people are unemployed or have jobs related to agriculture or business. At least the ones I've spoken to. The children have skin infections that are purely related to poor hygiene. This stuff has to be taught and reinforced to the Haitian people we see. We are excited about the day tomorrow and look forward to the future endeavors with MOH, Haiti and this amazing culture.

Thanks again for keeping up with us!