We have been rocking these mobile clinics. It has been so amazing to be in this environment and be challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally. The conditions are harsh. It's so hot. We are hustling and loving on these people. God is giving us grace and supernatural strength. Im pretty sure some how he is slowing down the time for us as well. We treated 182 patients, an additional 14 dental patients and 7 people gave their life to Christ. What a blessing! We are all so thankful to have been part of their special day. Apparently, we have seen more patients than MOH, Haiti typically sees in TWO WEEKS and we're not even finished! How amazing is that!?

Ready for some real life stuff from the mouths of the Haitians? "I already live in hell, there's nothing worse than this." OUCH. Can you imagine the hopelessness and heartache? There is more sweet people. We made a connection tonight. We know the truth. We know our mission here is to share it. The goal for MOH is to treat each village once per month. This means every single month these people are served with the love of Christ! They get to see what selfless love is. We are the hands and feet of Jesus, right? So thats who they see when they see us. There is a certain progression to salvation and growing faith. The people who reside in these villages get to enjoy the company of on fire Christians there to serve them wholeheartedly. They each have 3-4 people asking them if they know Jesus and how they can be prayed for each clinic day. They also have an evangelist who sits with them and prays over each child and person who will accept prayer. Again, the goal isn't to treat as many patients as possible, but to "reach" them, right In Focus?! we reach them every single time. Ultimately the more patients we see total, the more opportunity to share the love and truth of Christ. 

Many of the people do consider theirselves Christian. In this culture it's often assumed (if you're a Christian) you will attend church every Sunday and that is what makes you a Christian. Some Haitians believe there is shame in what they have, or how they look. Unfortunately, that prevents them from attending church at times, It doesn't matter what we've done. The sin that separates us from Christ will be forgiven the instant we ask. There is freedom in sharing our sin with someone and allowing friends to challenge us in viewing our own sin. There is nothing you can do to get to Heaven. We are saved by grace through FAITH! We are sharing that very message with the Haitian people and they are challenging us so much.

A few of us stepped out of our comfort zone today. The different stations in the clinic are challenging. We have a height and weight section, triage, doctors, pharmacy, and education. We are switching roles a bit and are excited to try the next thing. Thank God for the translators in making this more possible for us.! The entire team has really worked so well together. Everyone is healthy and we are praying for a great few days with the next set of patients.

Today, we did a tour of Mission of Hope, Haiti. The facility is huge, with so much potential for growth. It will be so exciting to see what comes next for the MOH, Haiti. They feed 90,000 kids per day! They are also trying to integrate the population into their health programs to provide jobs and allow them to be self sufficient. Please check out www.mohhaiti.org and see if there is a way you may want to get involved. Thanks for keeping up with us. We love you and miss you all. We can't wait for a great day tomorrow.