Today was another amazing day. We served in a new village a little closer to the city with easier access to resources.  The people seemed more comfortable around us and so appreciative for what we were doing.  We saw 113 patients today. It was calm and there were several patients who needed quick interventions to prevent further complications.  One particular patient had an abscessed tooth. It was so bad that the entire right side of his face was swollen up to his temple and his tongue had even gotten infected. It was obvious from across the room. What if we weren't there today? We are so thankful to have seen him today. The children and elderly are so fragile in this harsh environment. When they get sick they loose their appetite and drink less water. Their bodies are dehydrated and stripped of nutrients so quickly. Surprisingly, there were several patients today with elevated blood pressure. Some needed meds to lower it as quickly as possible to prevent stroke. Simple hygiene like washing "hot spots" and brushing their teeth could totally change their health. Oh, and of course drinking more water. We totally take for granted having clean water to drink. I mean come on. Water ranges from free to $5 a bottle. Its ridiculous. Next time, drink it from the tap and send that $3 to Haiti, or to an inner city foundation. The patients said they were so thankful for the way we served them. They just have no clue what they are doing for us also. God, continue to break our heart for what breaks yours.

So many of what we treat could be avoided with simple hygiene. And what is it about the children that break our heart? There is poverty in many areas of the world, even in America. It is hard. We know a God that created the universe could change this in an instant.  BUT, we know he is good. The bible says that we were orphans, but God rescued us from that. The orphans and young children here in Haiti are so innocent. They don't know to put their trash in one spot rather than throwing it on the ground. They don't know the feeling of fullness. They don't know they could be sitting in a nice house playing with toys. But, does all of that even matter? Do they even care about it? My guess is no. They are happy. They can show love and play jokes. And when they are saved and get to heaven they won't remember a second of the pain and suffering they experienced in this life, and neither will you. God will adopt all of them as well. There is no such thing as fair. There is just what is. We can impact and help if we are obedient. All that to say, God loves the people in Haiti. He loves them enough to allow suffering, so that we may come to them, serve them, and share the light of Jesus with them! He wants them in Heaven and he wants us to show them He is a treasure and He is good. Worldly treasures are kept close and not often shared.. Jesus Christ isn't that treasure, but sometimes we treat him as such.  

Remember what He did for you when he saved your life from chaos and destruction. Remember one single answered prayer. Let it be your motivation to ask if your coworker or neighbor is a Christian. Let it be enough for you, even in the midst of total darkness. The light of Jesus never stops shining. Did you ever ponder that when it is night here, the opposite side of the world is full of light? The light and the darkness can't exist without one another. Don't be afraid to be the light! 

We have really discovered a lot about ourselves this week. We continue to work together and challenge ourselves to address our sin and grow. We have a few team members who may have picked up a stomach bug and we ask you to pray for their healing. We are excited to serve the people in Minnow Tree again tomorrow. The are blessing us every step of the way.

I think the issue with the wifi is too many people on at night. I will have to post pictures tomorrow. Sorry guys!