This day was so fulfilling!  We were fed, refreshed and ready to take on what Haiti had waiting for us. We ate breakfast together and prioritized praying and having some group devotional time before we got on the truck to Williamson.  This village is in Ouest, Haiti not far from where we are sleeping.  This team worked so well together today.  Have you ever done a project with 12 people? If you can imagine the difficulty, and then add 12-15 more people you don't know and 120 people who don't speak your language, you may assume there was no hope for success.  BUT, God moves mountains. All of the personality, sweat, and barriers didn't negatively impact the mission for the day whatsoever! The small trials combined with our belief in God's purpose in those moments allowed us to look within ourselves for solutions and unity.

The first goal upon arriving to the village was to set up our clinic. There was a station for height and weight, triage, doctors and PA's, a dental station, pharmacy, prayers teams, and patient education. We served hard today. It was a taste of what the rest of the week may be like. I would venture to say each of us did a few things we weren't 100% comfortable with. Though, it was as if our "comfort zone" didn't exist.  Thank God for that! Here's the thing... People need us to be that bold.  What impact can we have if we sit back and consider ourselves more than others?  How different would this world be if every person did one thing to serve another person per day? Just one thing! Would that be hard for you? No, this is not a rhetorical question. Would that be hard for you? You don't have to come to Haiti...But could you bring your neighbor a meal? Could you buy a stranger lunch? Could you just ask how someone is doing with the expectation they may not say "everything in fine?"  Heck, you could simply invite someone to church. Then, you'd have to take time away from your goals and priorities for them. I promise, this is what will happen. As Jesus softens our heart and convicts us of our selfishness, he will grow the desire to do more.  We will soon see that taking 5 minutes away from watching our favorite TV show or sporting event, could totally change another life and perspective.  I imagine them remembering it "Oh yea, there is one person who cares about me. I remember when..."  Did you come to know Christ because someone asked you?  Did you go to church because you were invited or your parents or a friend loved you enough to encourage you to go? It's time to step it up, church!  People you don't know half way around the world are counting on you and me to be uncomfortable, so they may be led to accept Jesus Christ's invitation for salvation and freedom! There is a progression with faith just as there is with poor choices. One always leads to another, often bigger, choice.  It will grow either way.  The direction of the growth is our choice.

The people in the village were so thankful for us. There were many infections and illnesses treated today.  The education alone could save their lives. Many of the medical problems in this area are related to lack of education and resources. Women's health was a huge problem today.  We treated many gynecological infections. Though, treatment is a bandaid considering the bigger problem. They need someone to see their beauty and worth and sacrifice in order to bless them with resources, but most of all Jesus.  These conditions are terrible, but one day they can be in the same paradise as us and it will all be worth it.

The largest majority of Haitians we saw today were young. There were only a handful of people over 60.  There we so many young people.  There is a high birth rate and subsequent high death rate in Haiti. Babies die from simple infections here.  If Mission of Hope, Haiti wasn't in that village today, some of the babies could have died from their illness. Unfortunately, they still may.  It is our prayer that each patient treated will remember their education and be able to take their medication as prescribed.  We pray they have the energy to fetch water and remember to boil it or treat it as needed.  We will see more patients in this same village tomorrow.  They need us, and we need them. In serving others we are blessed beyond measure. It will change us.  It will change them. Finally, a cycle we don't have to classify as vicious or destructive.

Results: Cared for 103 medical patients, 12 dental patients and witnessed 8 salvations today! BOOM!

One final thought. A song we sang tonight as we worshiped together around the table said basically we know God can move the unmovable, but if he doesn't, our faith is still in Him alone. It's so hard to have faith like that.  I pray we can all gain a little more of that as we grow closer to Christ.  See you tomorrow! Thank you for praying for us and staying in touch!