Wow! Our flight was practically seamless.  We arrived in Haiti right on time under the most beautiful circumstances. The weather was perfect. It was sunny with beautiful puffy clouds all around us, warm and a little humid, but perfect.  We were quickly greeted by Naomi's Haitian Aunt Gracieuse (means gracious in Creole) after we landed. She was such a blessing to us as she helped us though security,  lead us to our baggage and then to the bus.  We did realize we were one important bag short as we reached our final destination for the day.  Please join us in praying for that bag to turn up.  

Have you ever heard that saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder?" Well, if you look at the photos with the right perspective, you will see such beauty.  The trash scattered about and the tiny houses with dirt floors and metal roofs aren't bigger than their JOY. That is beautiful. These conditions are terrible to our standard, but here it's normal.  The children are still playing, the people are working, and they are even serving. Joy and happiness are a choice. We may not be able to control our environment, but we can surely control our attitudes.  On the other side of the coin we see a nation who is struggling. Many are lost. Babies And children are dying from starvation and women and men are suffering...  

 Michelle helped us get from the airport to the destination safely. She was just 19; an orphan who grew up in the Mission of Hope orphanage.  She said her favorite part of her job was getting to meet people like us.  She was engaged and even quick to point out something I would like.  People see us..they notice.  Do we see them?  A daughter, sister, brother, or friend?  When we listen to that little voice inside (The Holy Spirit) telling us to do something challenging, we are blessed.  We are blessed and humbled because we are allowing God to do work through us, rather than trying to work for God, as Dr B so eloquently said tonight.  

After dinner we sang a few worship songs around a table together and IT WAS POWERFUL.  If I said it felt comfortable at first, I'd be lying. There is a level of discomfort when you are trying to maintain control or when you are guarded because of previous wounds or pride. BUT, Jesus breaks those things down overtime and it is amazing! The mission: Share the ways Jesus has transformed our life in giving us salvation.  Share the hope that other lives may be transformed as well.  There is no hurt, no choice, no situation, no shame, no crime too large for Jesus to redeem.  He makes a way when we can't if we will only rely on Him to do it.  As we provide medical care for these people we have been encouraged to spend time with them.  We will do for one what we wish we could do for many. The goal is to get to know them rather than see as many patients as possible.  Dr Akers said it this way: "medicine is the conduit to spread the gospel." We believe this trip will change the lives of the people we reach.  We also believe this trip will break down wall inside us and change us forever.  Thank God!  Please pray with us for resilience, courage, safety, and for the light of Jesus to shine through us!