We would like to complete this blog series and trip with a short testimony from each of our team members! Many of us were extremely timid and hesitant to sign up for this trip, but all very thankful that we were obedient! All of our expectations were surpassed! We thought you’d hear everyone’s perspective best from each person so here ya go! 

  “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” —Wayne Gretzky, Michael Scott, Baja Blast


Jacques Lee-

God revealed to me some unforgiveness that I had to let go of in order to receive his blessings. I was constantly reminded of Christ continuing the work he promised to do in me. I won’t try and rush perfection in my life, but I will wait for the Holy Spirit to guide me in God’s timing.


Evan Smith-

The Lord is so so faithful. I didn’t know what to expect from this trip, but I believed God was going to do a mighty work through our team and that’s exactly what he did. We saw lives changed, families healed, and most importantly souls won for the Kingdom of God. My heart has been given a new “beat” for the lover of my soul and I am ready to be his hands and feet back in my community and on my campus.


Morgan Hunter- 

This week has been nothing short of life changing. I still cannot explain the experience in words. I know that God is great and God exceeded every expectation I had. I’m so honored to have been on this trip with such amazing followers of Christ and could not be more thankful. 


Kēvin Carlie-

God has surpassed my expectations. I desired to see Him bring souls to Himself, but I witnessed this by the dozens. I desired to be drawn nearer to Him, but I felt close enough to hug Him. I desired to grow in boldness, and I feel like a completely new man with the strength of a lion. There is no one like our God.


Marc Maldonado-

God has broken chains and has delivered me from heart ache in my life. Pain I never realized was there now gone. God imparted spiritual gifts in my life as well. I was able to bare witness to this during prayer. I have grown spiritually and relationally.


Lauren Carlie-

This trip was amazing. I keep trying to put it in words, but none can paint the full picture of what God has done here. I am not going back the same. People aren’t staying the same. God’s kingdom is flourishing into a beautiful garden full of different faces and cultures. The intimacy with the Lord was worth everything put into this trip.


Kendyl Connor -

Coming into this week I had no clue what to expect, but I knew that I was to come expectant that miracles would happen through our obedience to go to the nations. The Holy Spirit was so present all week in the men, women, and children in Mexico, and the salvations that were received were nothing short of a miracle. God allowed me to receive the Holy Spirit this week into the deepest fibers of my being, and my life is forever changed because of that experience and coming to Baja. Gloria a Dios.


Madison Bailey-

I was expecting something amazing from this week, and I am in awe of just how powerful it was. God moved so hard and broke down things in my life that i didn’t even realize were there. He is faithful and so Holy. 


Melissa Brocato-

I’m still processing through this week, but I am so very thankful that I finally got to experience Baja and a Ten Days trip. Coming into the week I was praying for a renewed passion for many things in my life, and God has started that process in my heart. I know He will be faithful to finish that good work. He is a good Father, and I have been blessed by his people and His Spirit this week. 


Kelsea Hunter-

God is GREAT! He showed me what I have been lacking in my faith. He showed me all of the baggage I have been carrying, and He set me free. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so free spiritually and emotionally. Also to see the people of Baja in such good spirits has put me in a whole new perspective on life. My life has changed forever and I’m so happy I got to experience this with all of you! ❤️❤️ 


Jacob Adams-

This trip has been life changing, and I have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill Gods will for my life. I am so very thankful and blessed for the Augusta group for adopting me this weekend, you guys are truly amazing! I have never experienced such an overwhelming amount of God’s love until I went on this trip. Words can’t describe how incredible it has been. I have seen lives changed, hearts changed, and have witnessed the many miracles of God. Even though I left Baja, my heart will never leave.


Alli Townsend-

This trip was the fulfillment of many prayers and dreams for ENC Augusta. God encouraged me personally in unique ways and gave me a greater understanding of His love. It brought me much joy to watch God work in and through our team!


Jacqueline Bailey-

This week was such a beautiful portrayal of the kingdom of God for me. It challenged me to go further, to be more uncomfortable in my faith and to love in greater ways. This week was was affirming and encouraging for me in every way. I am so grateful to have been with my every nation and church family this week in ministry in Baja.


Aaron Byrd- 

This trip affirmed that God is everywhere seeking out people to follow him . Not based on their credibility but because he thinks they can be like Him. I believe that now as well !