Today, we went back into the city to finish the church and house we started yesterday, and to continue evangelizing and spreading the gospel!


 To start our day, we walked around the town evangelizing and sharing our testimonies with the people. While walking around going door to door, Aaron (who hasn’t taken a Spanish class since high school and definitely is not fluent) saw a man walking down the street and stopped him. He had a whole conversation with this man in SPANISH and invited him to the meeting!! Lauren and Jacqueline spoke some encouragement and shared their testimonies, speaking truth and love to the people! 


 Afterwards, many people accepted Christ into their hearts and we walked around praying over these people. Morgan approached one man who seemed to be worried and prayed over him. He wanted his problems kept private, but as Morgan prayed the Spirit spoke through her straight into his heart. He burst into tears as she prayed and hugged her after! We’re not sure why he wanted prayer, but we are positive that in that moment he felt the power and love of God!! Morgan said, “this is honestly the first time I’ve felt God talk to me like this. It was as if I wasn’t the one talking. He knew what he wanted me to say, and it was a surreal feeling.” 


After evangelism, we made our way back to the build site for some delicious lunch. The line was long, but definitely worth it.  



We had some free time between lunch and building so some of the team members played with the kids living in the village. We played futbol (soccer, of course!), threw paper airplanes, found out kids in Mexico dab just as often and kids in America, and played American football. We had a blast playing and loving on these kids!


 After lunch, we finished painting the house and the church and still cannot believe how far it has come!! In only two days, the buildings are almost complete. 


Thank you all for your love and support, God really is moving here! We love reading your comments and encouragement so keep it coming!