Again, after a very early and delicious breakfast including the best cheese eggs ever, we met in groups to study Mark 5 & 6. It’s really special to dig in to the Word together and to hear students share their insight.  Find yourself studying the word with young people...you won’t regret it!

So, we boarded the buses to head to the project sites and fun ensued! The students are such hard workers!! (We hope they work as hard for you at home as they do here!! 🤣) We continued to build houses today and bake our skin the the Mexico sun! THIS IS THE LIFE! Serving others keeps your eyes off yourself and it looks like Jesus.  

Karla and a group of girls had the opportunity to pray for a gentleman named Louise. He was sick with Parkinsons Disease. He was shaking from head to toe and desiring to be set free. We spent about an hour praying, singing and standing in faith for his healing. Louise is a believer in Jesus. His shaking subsided and rest came to his body. What an honor to be the hands and feet of Jesus today. We are believing for peace to come to Louise’s life and body. Would you believe with us?   

Some of us also had the opportunity to do street evangelism! What does this look like? We go door to door to greet people, explain who we are and invite them to a meeting on a street corner to share our testimonies (2 minuet miracles!) and the gospel  We also give each family a bible and a Purple Book (discipleship workbook on essentials of the faith). John, Lena and Mikaela each boldly shared with the crowd how Jesus has changed their life! Emerson had the opportunity to share the gospel message as well. What a powerful time! 

I have to say it again, you would be so proud of your sons and daughters. They are a unique group of young people and they stand out in a crowd! God has marked them for His purposes. Encourage this in them when they get home.  

As we do each evening, we have a meal together and then worship God throughout song, testimony and teaching. Karla taught this evening! She unpacked the Mark 6 passage when Jesus walked on the water! Jesus > storms! Jesus is intentional, He sees us and He cares for us. He never leaves us! He’s our strength and hope. Jesus is with us in the midst of our storms. What an encouragement to know that Jesus is patient with us in good times and bad. 

We love you all...deeply! You’re our favorites! And we miss you. Keep praying.  Tomorrow morning we evangelize door to door and then build in the afternoon! ☺️

 P.S. Before you look at photos, read about how these girls saw God move today:

Rachel- While we where building and evangelizing, God showed me that He can use the least amount of experience and the smallest amount of faith to do great things.

Daniela- I believe God showed me today that His love and power can help overcome any fears that we might face when we are evangelizing or speaking to people that might have trouble understanding us.  Today, God worked through me and I was able to invite a family to the meeting even though it was hard for me to speak Spanish

Taran- In the past few days I felt that God had put on my heart the power of healing and that through him, anyone who believed could also hold that power. That was definitely proven today when a group of us praying over a women healed her through the amazing power of God.

Lena- Today I feel like I really lived out what Pastor Brent said last night. I was really scared to do my 2 minute miracle but I thought about how God can use anything that I have - no matter how small - for his glory, because anything we have to offer plus his power always equals more than enough.

Aliyah- “Compassion never gives up and compassion is a heart breaking with love for people” -Pastor Brent. Today God showed me my compassion for the Baja people and he revealed my potential in mission work. 

Grayson- I prayed over a man today to be healed which is something I never have felt comfortable doing.  Got equipped me when I needed Him to and allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in faith, trust, hope, and confidence in his name. 

Amelia-  Today God is showing me how to have compassion on others and show love to people I’ve never even talked to. God is so good!  

Emerson sharing the gospel in POWER! 

Emerson sharing the gospel in POWER! 

John, Mikaela and Lena boldly sharing their stories! 

John, Mikaela and Lena boldly sharing their stories! 

 And more building photos...

the roofing crew!

the roofing crew!