Today has been a day for the books! This team of students and adults worked HARD to build a home for a family here in Baja.

But before I list the details of the day, let’s hear from the “IFC students of the day”! These guys were asked: What are you expecting God to do today? And they said...

John: to see God’s hand at work in our team and the people of Baja.

Kyle: I’m expecting God to use everyone to do their part in building this house and I hope the owner of the house feels blessed by our serving them.

Noah: I’m expecting God to show a miracle that will change peoples lives give us experiences that we’ll never forget.

I can say that these guys expectations were met and exceeded. We start these days EARLY with a 7am breakfast, an 8am team devotional (each room reads the word together and unpacks the scripture. So good. So rich. So worth it.), a 9am load time to head out to the work sites. The larger EN group is split into 3 projects: building homes, running a VBS and doing street evangelism. Every student will have he opportunity to do each project. But for today and tomorrow, we are building! (Don’t worry: we are drinking tons of water, every one is applying and reapplying sunscreen, all your students are giving their all, Hunter is leading strong, joy is abounding, laughter is occurring, friends are forming, and Jesus is REIGNING!) In fact, today we almost completed the entire home structure framing and roofing!!! In one day!! And a large portion of our group painted almost the entire house as well! Incredible. Pastor Brent said on the drive home, ”I’m not sure I’ve worked this hard physically in a very long time.” 🤣

Our day closed with worship and teaching. We are studying Mark 5, Jesus feeding the 5000, and it was unpacked by our very own Pastor Brent.

What we have + Jesus = ALWAYS more than enough! 

Jesus is greater than lack! (Jesus > lack)

We are so grateful to be here. Thank you for partnering with us to reach this nation. As we cram in to a hotel room for our “end of the day team meeting”, we are in awe of what God is doing. Here are a few nuggets from some of the students:

Hannah: It’s amazing how much we came together and how fast we built the house. Looking around at the scenery while driving up it made me feel more compassion for the people. While building the house I got up on the roof which was scary but I had the courage and grace to do it which is exactly what we prayed for at the beginning of the day.

Sarah: I thought it was cool that even with language barriers we were able to show love to kids. We built them a house but were also able to show them love practically but spending time with them.

Haley: I love how we all came together as a team to build an entire home. We came together so quickly and worked together well. I also loved how we were able to communicate to the kids and play with them even with a language barrier.

Bethany: I loved Hector’s enthusiasm for Jesus and the way he spoke this morning. He kept saying “thank you Jesus”. He was my God siting for the day.

☺️ Enjoy the photos! Until tomorrow...