We are ready!!



We are so excited to be heading to Baja!   Please pray for us as we are gone Sunday, June 17th through June 25th!  You can follow our journey here...check daily for updates! 

Team Members (not listed in order):

Rachel Carman

Kimberly Downer

Brent Garrard

Caleb Garrard

Josiah Garrard

Karla Garrard

Hannah Gonzales (not pictured) 

Mikaela Graf

Lena Hallam

Daniela Harris

Hannah Hoyt (not pictured)

Amelia Humphrey

Kyle Kridner

Courtney Lechner

Hunter Maynard

Kate Maynard

John McCraith

Noah Meyer

Bethany Nichols

Bryce Oellerich

Haley Powell (not pictured)

Jacob Rivera

Chloe Roy

Grayson Russell

Aliyah Ryan

Taran Tate

Avery Williams

Sarah Williams

Emerson Yadon