What is the most important thing you have received from this trip?


Kyle: On this trip, I learned that no matter the circumstances, people want to come and hear the good news of the gospel.  

Caleb : In the most unexpected and terrible circumstances, Jesus still makes a way.  

Caleb: In the most unexpected and terrible circumstances, Jesus still makes a way.  


Madison: My most important thing was to step out and be bold, and to appreciate what I have.  


Hunter: I loved seeing how Jesus meets us in abundant and radical ways when we obey Him and step out of our comfort zone. Whether it's hammering a nail, manual labor, or sharing the gospel, Jesus is all-sufficient in all of it. I also loved seeing the global family that we have in Christ and the love that surpasses skin color and national borders. 


Ana: The most important thing for me was feeling my heart transform to be a vessel for God to use in so many ways.  


Cali: On this trip, I've learned to step out and be bold in everything I do. You don't have to travel far to spread the love and word of God to others and to work hard and show love and kindness every moment you can.  


Josiah: I'm so grateful for what's I have. I realized that you can have the smallest story but still change someone's life. Also that miracles are possible if you are influenced by the Lord.  


Bryce: The most important thing I gained from this trip is perseverance and courage to go to all nations even back at home to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


Emerson: Seeing the Holy Spirit empower our students to share testimonies and pray while witnessing Jesus heal and save on our evangelism trip was fantastic. When we prayed and handed Maria the keys of her new home that we had the privilege of building was such a special moment. Her heart was full of gratitude for God who provided in our work. I'll never forget her face! I've gained a new heart and compassion for the Mexican people and a renewed sense of unity in the body of Christ no matter the location.


Stephen: That there is an amazing boldness in our youth to spread the gospel and that God has placed powerful, faith filled, Holy Spirit led leaders to guide and grow our youth in life and in mission. 


Kēvin: To pray for the Lord to fill me with the Holy Spirit daily. That being led by the Spirit is a daily necessity for the fulfillment of His work, not occasional.  


Lauren: This trip really brought together the bigger picture and made me realize how much I quench the Spirit. Fruits of the Holy Spirit come from saturating yourself in the word of God which in turn increases your faith and allows your relationship with God to flourish.  


Karla: This trip has altered my life. I've sensed the presence of God in the land and the Mexican people---they are so kind and humble. Our students have grown in grace and maturity. I'm so proud of In Focus Church.


Savannah: A deeper spiritual bond with my Heavenly Father. He has shown His love and power through the people, miracles, and internal change of this trip. I was reminded that God is using His love and power for me as His daughter. 


Chloe: God has changed me and our team in the past 3 days more than I have ever seen before. I truly feel that this has been a huge waypoint in my walk with God. I pray that even after we leave Baja, we will continue to cherish our deep relationship with God and continue our walk with Him.  

Thanks for reading! We are at the airport now awaiting for our departure time! I will upload all videos I didn't have time to upload in Mexico when I get some rest! 

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