Today was an awesome prayer answering day. Unfortunately there has been a lot of internet issues and I can't upload all the videos that I actually captured.....but I will when I get better internet access. 

Here is the result of the two expectations that we had from the students yesterday. 

Maddie:  God was very present today, and healed so many lives physically and emotionally. I was nervous for today but I was bold and kept singing "every move I make" while we were walking through the city but even though I was nervous I had an awesome time!

Kyle:   My day turned out very good. Pastor Ramone really spoke a good message when he said that even when we are tired and our bodies want to quit, God lifts our spirits and allows us to keep going. I saw many people come to the meeting spots and be radically changed and healed today. The best part was seeing just how many people came to hear the gospel; the numbers were shocking.

We started off with breakfast downstairs and then devotion.


his is how the boys show up to the girls room where we have devotion together as a team. 

Then we get on the bus. Baja Bob gave us encouragement and prayer.  


Then we were given instruction of what we would be doing. We were to knock on doors and invite people to an important meeting. 

They were told where to meet and that they would have free gifts and be told good news. And they came!  

They were told where to meet and that they would have free gifts and be told good news. And they came!  

A few of our own shared their testimony and Hunter shared the gospel.  

A few of our own shared their testimony and Hunter shared the gospel.  

Bryce and Savannah shared their two minute stories! 

Bryce and Savannah shared their two minute stories! 


After we prayed for several people and gave them their gifts! I even heard prayers in song! They received a free purple book and a free bible! Hey we have purple books too :)


We headed back to the building sites and had lunch.  



This was the street we built the house on. Memorable!  

Back on the bus with some time wasters. Proud to say that my husband taught me how to braid.  


Just walking around to fish for men!  


Some awesome feedback.  

Time for the meeting. 


Josiah shared his story and Karla shared the gospel. After that an entire crowd gave their life to Christ!  

You also need to know that they are planting a church in this exact community. We aren't just leaving them high and dry. We are sharing His goodness and planting seeds and we have full confidence that God will water and continue to grow His people. Hallelujah!  


They just kept coming up to give their life. 


We prayed over this woman's pain and she stated that she felt good after and no more pain.  


Many were prayed over and miracles happened.  


We drove back afterwards and witnessed rap battles and lots of relationship building. Which I also have videos of but I can't upload right now. 

When we got back we had dinner and our regular meeting together.  Hunter brought the atmosphere to worship through powerful words.


He facilitated and directed the students to share. The girl in the middle spoke of miracles where someone who could not hear was able to actually hear after the laying on of hands and prayer!! she spoke of two other accounts of healing and we believe she has the gift of healing!


Karla spoke a powerful word on the annointing of the Holy Spirit (I love how the word Holy Spirit is automatically capitalized without me having to intentionally capitalize.) In order to go on a mission you must be the mission first. Such a powerful word. Also, read Isaiah 61 every day for a year :) 

We then came back to the room and read your beautiful comments! You are who we are coming back to, you are irreplaceable, and we truly appreciate the love you constantly show us. God bless :)