Someone was excited for today!!!! 

Earlier, 3 girls were asked what their expectations for today were and here is how things turned out for them.   

Chloe: "I believe through the message that was spoken at the end of the night, that many people's premonitions were broken on where they were needed to serve. I believe many hearts were changed tonight." 

Savannah : "Today God met my needs and gave me the strength and confidence I needed. When it was time to practice our two minute miracles in groups, I did not hesitate to raise my hand when they asked "who wants to share first". 

Ana: " Today in the market, a woman came up to Hunter to ask for a hug and to be prayed for. She knew very little English so I was asked to translate. For me, it has always been very difficult to translate from English to Spanish, but God made it   happen!!!"

Today was filled with different views, new experiences, and lots of laughs. 


Caleb led the first devotion with a powerful message of faithfully waiting and expecting Gods rain to pour down on us while He works through us during the "process it takes for rain to be made".  


Now that we all know how Hunter warms up for worship, we could peacefully eat.  Most of us had on these thangs!  


We went immediately into worship. 


A glimpse of the atmosphere. 



We were privileged to hear this man start the message with a rap. He was sick with it.

The message was on Matthew 9:1-8. You can read it but just know that the main point he made was that Jesus knew that even deeper than the desire to be healed from being paralyzed, that this man needed healing from eternal damnation in hell because of his sins, which Jesus forgave. It was powerful. 

  "What are your expectations for tomorrow?"

Caleb: I'm expecting for God to move in powerful ways.  

Bryce: I went to Baja last year and I am expecting for the numbers of people in the crowds that we go out to wil be larger than last year and more than what we are expecting right now.  

That's all for now. We were told we are going to build three buildings tomorrow and will be a long exhausting day. We are going to build Wednesday through Friday.

Expect only one blog post tomorrow. Pray for receptive hearts and the expectations for Bryce and Caleb as well as anything else on your hearts. 


We love you!!