Today felt like a time clock for several reasons. After breakfast a couple of students from the entire Baja team shared some of the ways God's provision got the students here.

Some of them literally went from 0.00$ to the entire total in the very last week right before the money was due!  

After that we broke off in groups of 5 to share two minute miracles. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is sharing the gospel and how it impacted your testimony as a Christian in 2 minutes! Time clocks were used (at least in my group) to see how close to 2 minutes they were. They did great!!

*pictures were not taken during this time*

Please pray for these testimonies as it reaches the streets in the following days to come as we build. 



In the mean time, we had hours to shop and see the great city of Rosarito! 


Time was ticking. Time for lunch and meeting others again! 


New friends! 

More city life!!!  


Those smiles!  


"Hear me roaaar"!!



Now we are resting before dinner, worship,  and more filling of God's precious word and encouragement. 

Stay tuned!