An important message brought to you by Impact Youth with another update. We have officially crossed the border of Mexico smoothly without any issues. I would love to share with you some of the moments we caught on camera.  


On the bus to the border.  



Due to security reasons I could not photograph the actual "crossing" of the border. However the first two pictures show the team preparing to reach the security/passport checks. The bottom picture is us after we crossed the border to board the bus again.  

Here are a few thoughts from the students who came to Mexico for the first time!  

"How do you feel after crossing the border?" 

 Cali: "exhausted...sweaty....and I miss California *laughs out loud* And I'm ready to start the mission".

Savannah: "It was more chill than I expected...but special. My passport is stamped for the first time!" 

Ana: "I don't know....... legal?" 

Kyle: "There was a lot going on; I always thought that crossing the border would be a smaller operation. After we crossed the border, I soon started to see all the homes built on the slopes and many dilapidated buildings, and it was a very new sight to me. 


The initial views after crossing, including the fences of the actual border (they are taller and more intense than they look in the photograph)  

Views on the way to the hotel! 

Views on the way to the hotel! 


Trip views  


Totally in wonder. Our eyes are getting a taste of the culture and our hearts are growing for the people of Mexico. We are expecting for great things from God and I invite you to pray for our students individually and as a whole. 

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