God is in the business of transforming our hearts so we might reflect His son, Jesus Christ, who loved and fully trusted his Heavenly Father. God has been working in each of our lives throughout the process of preparation for this trip.  Read on to see how God has been at work in Alan's life. 

"The journey to Baja has been a special one filled with a"Transformation" in my life. This will be the first mission trip I have made myself "available" for and that word, available, has been the key.  Because I have been available to God, he has made himself available to me. God has been abundantly faithful in the financial process and funding for this trip.  It has taken me out of my comfort zone and made me put my trust in the Lord to provide. This trip has been 100%  funded by generous gifts and donations, and the money still has not stopped arriving in the mail. God has proven he will provide, even though I still had doubts. But God still had one miracle left in store for my journey on this trip. All funds had been raised and the last on the list was to renew my passport, but given the time frame and having to expedite this was going to cost around $500.  I didn't know how this was going to happen or where the money was going to come from. After a week of struggling, praying, worrying, and doubting, I received a call from my employer asking me to go to Canada the following Monday on short notice.  I explained to them the situation with my passport. The next day I was notified that my employer had covered all costs of the passport renewal and expediting. God never gives up on us!! Let's not be so quick to give up on Him!!"

Philippians 4:19  But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.