Today we traveled to a village in the area of Tijuana where our Every Nation Church is and we had rotated between 3 stations: building a home for a family, building a dormitory for students (next to the Every Nation church in Tijuana), and street evangelism. There is so much to write about, but for the sake of time I'm going to highlight 1 testimony from the street evangelism.

The way the evangelism worked is that we went in groups and knocked on doors. We told people to meet at the bottom of the hill in 5 minutes (really 30 mins or an hour in american time) and we have good news to share with them and a gift for them. Once gathered, about 5 or 6 of us shared our 2 minute miracle and Pastor Daniel Hernandez (from our EN church in Midland, Texas)  shared the gospel and gave an opportunity for people to respond and receive salvation and/or prayer. In total, today alone, 136 people responded to the Gospel and prayed to receive Christ. All 136 of them received a free Bible and Purple Book and each of them will be followed up with. 

Ornella had a great experience sharing her testimony to a crowd for the first time. Below is a picture of Ornella sharing followed by her comments.

Ornella on left and pastor Daniel On right 

Ornella on left and pastor Daniel On right 

"For the first time I shared my testimony in Spanish.  I was born and raised in Germany, but my mom is  from Columbia, so she raised me to speak German and Spanish. I was scared and very nervous because I can read and understand Spanish, but  I become timid when speaking it. God had this moment in the palm of His hand. As soon as I began to speak, the words came flowing out so fast that it was overwhelming. While talking about the first time God touched my heart and I felt his love, I started to cry and I couldn't stop. Then Pastor Daniel shared the Gospel and we got to pray for anybody who wanted it. My team members asked if I would translate for them. I struggled to translate at the beginning, but God was working so much that the Spanish began to flow and I didn't have to think about it. I was so encouraged to see how open people are to God, especially the ladies."

Alli Townsend